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"[Mary] wants humble souls, who know that they are "inadequate" and she wants purity of heart and intention. The intention - we are not speaking of requests or the fruit of the particular mystery, but the purpose of meditation on the Rosary - is to let the Mother of God take us gently by the hand to enter into her life with Jesus Christ in our own little way. She wants our undivided attention, free of willful distractions. She wants our intention to meditate to be one of an act of will, out of love for the Blessed Trinity and her, whether we experience consolation or aridity."

Say a rosary:
o Sign of Cross
o Legion prayers, [if said before Rosary.]
o Apostles'Creed, OurFather, 3 Hail Marys (Faith, Hope, Charity), Glory be, O my Jesus

o Announce Mystery (short form), Our Father, 10 Hail marys, Glory be, O my Jesus - (5 mysteries)

o [Extra Mystery for the individual's purpose of the day, if said.]
o Legion prayers, [continue, if were said before Rosary.]
o Hail_Holy_Queen and other prayers. Sign of Cross.

o Extra Mysteries: (The 12MonthExamen is also a good source of extra mysteries for meditation).
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o 15 promises: http://www.catholicity.com/prayer/promises.html