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Based on debian stable. Virtual machine support pack for Win7 or WinXP already configured (scripts to set up virtual machine - $2 donation "requested"; install windows XP or 7 from Microsoft or other). Windows protected from viruses by linux installation. Also has Stealth VM software (donation ware) to run Windows apps. Virtualbox tightly integrated, supports latest VB (4.3.6, Ver 7.4.1). Runs other than windows also, or runs apps as virtual windows. No root, user uses sudo. Gnome 3.4 (elderly) default. Pkg mgrs: Add/Remove Software, and Synaptic; not all Debian repos included, include manually. Ver 7.5.5 emphasizes privacy/encryption, data safety.

Reviewer (Ver 7.4.2) said could not boot on hardware, OK in VBox.

Ver 7.6.2 (Sep 2014) (DW_Release)
Ver 7.6.1 Xfce (Aug 2014) (DW_Release)
Ver 7.5.5 (Jul 2014) (DW_Release)
Ver 7.5.4 (Jul 2014): (SourceForge_Release)(DW_Release)
Ver 7.4.2 (Apr 2014): (DW_Release) (DW_Review)
Ver 7.4.1 (Feb 2014): (DW_Release)
Ver 7.3.1 (Jan 2014): (Sourceforge download)(Direct download)

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o Sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/robolinux/files/
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