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Index rosary

o joyful - Monday/Saturday
o Annunciation: (Incarnation, Mary chosen, her obedience and humility, spouse of Holy Spirit)
o Visitation: (Pregnancy, service/humility, recognition of Lord, "My soul doth magnify")
o Nativity: (Birthplace, poverty/detachment from worldly things, angels' announcement/magi)
o Presentation: (Obedience to Law and mercy, Simeon, prophesy that Mary/Jesus to suffer)
o Finding of Jesus: (Parental concern, Jesus' obedience, submission, Mary's thoughts hidden)
o Sorrowful - Tuesday/Friday
o Agony in garden: (Reparation needed, drops of blood, stay awake, submission, betrayal)
o Scourging: (Innocence, humility, suffering, cruelty, reparation for all sins, mercy)
o Crowning with thorns: (Cruelty, mockery of God, condemnation by crowd, "Blood on our heads")
o Carrying of Cross: (Jesus suffers, weak, falls, sees Mary, "Take Cross and follow me")
o crucifixion: (Nailed to Cross, disjointed, "Father forgive them", Mary given to John, "It is finished")
o Glorious - Wednesday/Sunday
o Resurrection: (Opens the doorway to heaven, descends to hell, glorified, hope, victory)
o Ascension: (Seen by many, Thomas doubter, "prepare a place", advocate, joy in heaven)
o Descent of Holy Spirit: (All in prayer, loss of fear, gifts, strengthened, Church, eucharist)
o Assumption: (Mary's humble example, strengthens Church, joy in heaven, apparitions)
o Coronation: (Queen of heaven/earth, intercessor, mediatrix, advocate, Mother, perseverance)
o Luminous - Thursday
o Jesus' baptism: (Obedience to Law, John recognizes Jesus, Dove and Voice, baptism)
o Wedding at Cana: (Marriage, Mary's intercession, "My hour not come", complies)
o Proclamation of kingdom: (Repent, as a child, inner kingdom, humility, Peter and Church)
o Transfiguration: (Personal change, glorification, "listen to him", prophesy: Crucifixion)
o Eucharist: (Last Supper, Jesus' eagerness, suffering, Real Presence, Mass, victory)