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Originally derived from Ubuntu. Uses Ubuntu repositories. Better consideration of users than Ubuntu, "Just Works". Proprietaries/codecs easily available ('mintDrivers' app installs drivers). MATE/Cinnamon, KDE. New app to manage software sources (MintSources). Pkg mgr = MintInstall (Synaptic available), and new driver manager. New 'greeter'. Support for Steam.

Criticism: It stores operating files differently than, for example, Mepis. Unable to find out where Mint stores the email files for Kmail. Not appropriate, therefore to be paired with Mepis for parallel operation with same files on different machines or alternative operation same machine if Mepis fails. Question on Mint forum went unanswered. Otherwise, excellent!

Offers its own mini-desktop machine: Mint Box 2. Also HERE. As of Mint 17, changing to Ubuntu LTS editions only; none from non-LTS versions of Ubuntu.

Ver 17 LTS (Jun 2014): (ReleaseAnnouncement) (DW_Review)
Ver 16 KDE (Dec 2013): (DW_Release)
Ver 16 (Dec 2013): (DW_Release)(DW_Review)
Ver 15 (May 2013): (DW_Release) (Review) (DW_Review)
Ver 14 KDE (Dec 2012): (DW_Release) (DW_Review) (Dedoimedo)

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