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Index rosary

To be said for a greater understanding of God's mercy, and my own.
o Nowhere can God be more present in mercy to his creatures, or more sympathetic to us, than in Mary.
o Mary takes great delight in flooding souls with divine graces, so that they will glorify God's mercy!
o Imitate Mary in her prayers , offering her constant petitions to the Mercy of God for salvation of souls.
o Perform frequent acts of trust in God's mercy, giving alms to the poor and works of mercy toward others.
o Consider God's mercy toward us who murdered His Son, and of Jesus who said "Father, forgive them".
o Never despair of God's mercy, and let not others despair of your mercy. Give mercy if you want mercy.
o God's mercy to us is "unjust" in that we do not deserve it; show the same unjust mercy to others.
o "O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner". Help me show the same mercy to others.
o Offer real love, willing the good of another, and be satisfied with one’s own weakness and insignificance.
o Father, by the merits of Jesus' shameful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.
Glory be, Oh my Jesus.

Hear, Lord, the prayers we offer from contrite hearts. Have pity on us as we acknowledge our sins. Lead us back to the way of holiness. Protect us now and always from the wounds of sin. May we ever keep safe in all its fullness the gift your love once gave us and your mercy now restores. Amen.