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Ubuntu-based, independent developers. Commercial support available. Pkg mgr Muon Discover, plus a plain graphical pkg mgr. Codecs/proprietaries available; "Additional Drivers" widgit. Social networking app built into desktop. Has 'Kubuntu Updates' and 'Backports' PPAs.

Changes at Ubuntu will affect Kubuntu; possible rolling release in Ubuntu, Cannonical might be dropping support for KDE, for development, and discriminating against non-Cannonical (profitable) releases and communities. Offers btrfs (causes error).

Check UltimateEdition repos for kubuntu (compatible with ubuntu).

Ver 14.04 LTS (Apr 2014): (DW_Release)
Ver 13.10 (Oct 2013): (DW_Release)(DW_Review)
Ver 13.04 (May 2013): (DW_Release) (DW_Review)

o Distrowatch: http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=kubuntu
o Ask.com: http://www.ask.com/wiki/Kubuntu?qsrc=3044
o home: http://www.kubuntu.org/