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To be said for lessening pride in our lives:
o It's not worthy to be humble with those who treat us well; that is what worldly people do.
o We should especially be humble towards those who make us suffer.
o False humility is pride, since it aims at an appearance of glory.
o Some are even proud of their humility, which indicates its unworthy motive.
o Never be elated at thy humility! it puffs one up, when it is not genuine.
o Search out what is wrong in us and what is lacking so as to remain humble.
o Faith has no other obstacle than pride. Humility is the friend of faith.
o It's all the same to a humble person whether they laugh at him or praise him.
o Accept all benefits of our works in praise of Christ, who suffered for us.
o If we trust in God, we do not need to compete with others to satisfy pride.
Glory be, Oh my Jesus.

O Jesus! meek and humble of heart, make my heart like onto thine. From the desire to be esteemed, deliver me. From the desire to be honored, deliver me. From the desire to be praised, deliver me. From fear of being humiliated... From fear of being held in contempt... From fear of suffering rebukes... From fear of being slandered... From fear of being ignored... From fear of being insulted... From fear of being wronged, deliver me. Jesus, grant me the grace to desire that others be admired more than I; that others be praised and I unnoticed; that others be preferred to me in everything; that others be holier than I, provided I become as holy as I should; that I might imitate the patience and obedience of Your mother, Mary. Amen.