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o (fantasies and distractions) (sexual fantasy) grandiosity Illusions/Dying to self

"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me."

. . . during these ordeals, do not lose your peace; live in My presence. . . . have the certitude that I am looking at you and supporting you. . . . if only you are willing to fight, know that the victory is always on your side. . . . by fighting bravely you give Me great glory and amass merits for yourself. Temptation gives you a chance to show Me your fidelity. —told to Saint Faustina by Jesus, Diary (1560).

And so it isn’t good for us to be disturbed by our [unwanted] thoughts, nor should we be concerned. If the devil causes them, they will cease with this suspension. If they come, as they do, from one of the many miseries inherited through the sin of Adam, let us be patient and endure them for the love of God since we are likewise subject to eating and sleeping without being able to avoid it, which is quite a trial. ---St Teresa of Avila, The Interior Castle, IV:4.11