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Originally forked from Arch, now independent (some Arch pkgs work OK - Zim, for example). CLI pkg mgt - pacman; octopi (GUI). Focuses solely on KDE, no Gnome packages in default repos. Base stable, frequent updates for apps; "semi" rolling release. 64-bit only. Pkg mgr: Pacman CLI; Oktopi graphical pkg mgr. Chakra has a community repo like AUR. Yakuake drop-down virtual terminal. Codecs/proprietaries available. File indexing is much faster. Provides monthly stabilization updates. Installer allows customization of ramdisk. Responsive, fast, but uses some RAM. Ran well in Virtualbox also, except can't play video.

Installation: If partitioner doesn't find disks, use cfdisk (CLI) to set up partitions, then GUI partitioner can see disks (DW_Review, Ver 2014.02). On install, may choose to download packages from cd/dvd or direct from repositories.

Semi-rolling: Reviewer (Ver 2014.o5): "One could say that most aspects of Chakra 2014.05 worked most of the time." Not quite "Just works".

Ver 2014.09 (Sep 2014)(DW_Release)
Ver 2014.05 (May 2014): (ReleaseAnnouncement)(DW_Review)
Ver 2014.02 (Feb 2014): (DW_Release)(Review)(DW_Review)
Ver 2013.09 (Sep 2013): (DW_Release)
Ver 2013.02.10 (Feb 2013): (DW_Release)(Review)(DW_Review)

o Distrowatch: http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=chakra
o Ask.com: http://www.ask.com/wiki/Chakra_(operating_system)?qsrc=3044
o home: http://www.chakra-project.org