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Experimental: Package management combines debian stability, cutting edge (arch, debian sid, fedora rawhide, etc), very customizable, minimal (tinyCore, slitaz, etc). Not user-friendly (yet), but very flexible. Packages from different distros kept in separate paths so do not conflict; run as though all part of an integrated linux distro; many run from separate chroot directories. Packages from most distros run together on bedrock. bedrock components are statically linked, not dynamically linked Upgrades protected, rollbacks available. Blind mounts as well as symlinks. syslinux instead of Grub. Busybox instead of bash.

Possible criticisms:
Currently no GUI pkg mgr; must use CLI; many packages must be compiled. Low-level admin necessary (hand-edit init files, for example). Not as secure as standard distros: larger attack surface because stuff from other distros.

Installation appears to be by compiling separate pieces.: http://bedrocklinux.org/1.0alpha3/install.html

Ver 1.0b1 (Jun 2014) (DirectDownload)
Ver 1.0a3 Bosco (Jan 2013)

o home: http://bedrocklinux.org/