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Debian-based (testing), formerely based on Mepis and still part of Mepis. Fluxbox/IceWM. L:ightweight, suitable for older computers (min 64MB RAM). Fast boot/operate.

Ver MX-14: Based on Debian 7 stable, Debian and Mepis repos. Not as lightweight as testing-based versions. Xfce. Uses smxi and inxi scripts.

Ver 14.2 "MX" (Jul 2014): (DW_Release)(ReleaseNotes)
Ver MX-14 (32-bit) (Mar 2014): (DW_Release)
Ver 13.2 (Nov 2013): (DW_Release)
Ver 13.1 (Jun 2013): (DW_Release)
Ver 13 (Jun 2013): (DW_Release)
Ver 12 (Aug 2012): (DW_Release)

o Distrowatch: http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=antix
o home: http://antix.mepis.com/