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"My God, let me rather die than offend thee. My Divine Savior, assist me by thy powerful grace : mercifully preserve me from yielding to this temptation, and give me a great horror for sin. Lord, save me, or I shall perish."

As long as we live in this world, we cannot be without temptations and tribulations... All the Saints passed through many tribulations and temptations and were purified by them... Many seek to flee temptations, and fall worse into them. We cannot conquer by flight alone, but by patience and true humility we become stronger than all our enemies. He who only declines them outwardly, and does not pluck out their root, will profit little; nay, temptations will sooner return and he will find himself in a worse condition. By degrees and by patience you will, by God's grace, better overcome them than by harshness and your own importunity... Examine your conscience, pray, practice renunciation of your own will, mortification (control of physical desires), and purity of heart.

"Alas, my God, another fault! Art thou not ready to withdraw thy graces from me? But, my infinitely good God, I repent; and I offer thee in expiation of this fault, all that my Divine Savior has done to expiate it; I offer thee the sorrow of His Sacred Heart".

What if it is the devil tripping you up, rather than God intervening for your instruction? How do you tell the
difference? Well, you don’t have to know the difference. Just accept everything gracefully as a glorious act of
obedience to God. If the devil trips you up and discovers that his efforts result in your glorifying God, he will get
tired of you very quickly and leave you alone...

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