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"'Teach us how to pray', the disciples said to Jesus. (Luke 11, 1) He answered by teaching them the prayer we call the 'Our Father' or 'The Lord's Prayer'"... "Our Lord Jesus has given us the model of all prayer. May our Mother Mary help us to pray it while savoring each of the 7 petitions because if we really mean that God is Our Father, we will struggle and believe as His worthy children"... "Our choices and attitudes should tell people, 'I love and honor the one, great, God'."

Our Father
Moses wasn't allowed to approach God too closely, or to see his face; but we are allowed to call You Abba, Daddy. We have the relationship of sons and daughters with you, so we can approach you through Jesus as children to their parents - with confidence, trust, and love.

Which art in heaven,
There's an infinite gulf between You in heaven and us in earth. Yet, you sent your Son to be with us as a human being IN the earth, for our Salvations. So you have closed that gulf and your Kingdom now exists in our hearts. You have made your dwelling with us.

Hallowed be thy Name.
O Father, your name is Holy, Consecrated, Sacred, and Revered. Even your very Name is set apart for holy uses. We venerate and respect your Name over all other names except that of your Son. Purify us, Lord, so our lives might be a living testimony of your holiness - and enter into your Plan for the sanctification of the earth.

Thy kingdom come.
Yes, Lord, come! Renew your Creation and rule over us as you did before Adam sinned and separated us from you. Bring your Kingdom to earth and live among us as you've planned to do from the very Beginning. Bring us Peace and Justice; reward Good and punish Evil.

Thy Will be done,
Your commands are for our own good, so our eternal lives can be spent with you in heaven; disobeying them leads us only to the eternal death of hell. Strengthen us so that we will be able to lift up our own Crosses and follow your Son. Help us also to love others as He has loved us. Unite our wills to His Will so that we can say "Not our wills, but your Will be done".

In earth as it is in heaven.
In earth too? That means 'in ME'! That's where it gets hard, Lord: It means we have to obey you ahead of our own preferences. That's exactly what tripped up Adam and Eve. We'll need SPECIAL help with this one, Lord! It's the main one, where we have most trouble. Be very patient with us, please Lord!!

Give us this day
We would not have 'days', Lord, unless you give them to us. But we are your children and your creatures; we must depend on you for everything.

Our daily bread.
Give us Lord, all the things we will need to live today - and to do your Will. Give us our bread (and our air and water, and all the other things our bodies can't live without), but give us also your Word, your Graces, and your Eucharist, without which our Souls can't live even if our bodies continue breathing.

And forgive us our trespasses,
Forgive our daily sins, Lord, even the ones we've repented and confessed to you so many times before but have committed again. Forgive us in your compassion and mercy because we do not deserve to be forgiven.

As we forgive those who trespass against us.
This is the other hard one, Lord. Many times we don't WANT to forgive others because their sins against us hurt deeply. But if we do not forgive them, you in Justice won't forgive us; you've told us plainly that we must be merciful just as you yourself are merciful. Here also, Lord, please give us extra help. Be very patient with us, Lord. Forgiveness is an act of the Will, not a feeling. If we cannot make that act of will, our hearts will harden so that we will be UNABLE to receive your forgiveness - and we will die; but let us live in your Spirit, Lord, so that we might live rather than die.

Lead us not into temptation,
"Do not put us to the test", Lord, and keep us away from the 'occasions of sin'; We are weak and fail too easily. Or, in your love for us, put us to the test of trial and difficulty - and help us through it so we won't fail and will be stronger before life's daily battles. Guide us always in the choices we must make in daily life, so that we may always make our choices according to your Will.

But deliver us from evil.
"Deliver us, Lord, from the Evil One!" He desires the death of our Souls and deceives us so subtly that sometimes we don't even realize we're being attacked; often he is so skillful we think his voice is Yours, and we're totally fooled. Be with us Lord, and with your Holy Church; protect us, give us Perseverance, and deliver us or we will fail. The Devil is our enemy from the beginning, and is a liar and the father of lies. He desires only to reverse the victory won by Jesus on the Cross and in his Resurrection; prevent it, O Lord!! Preserve the victory and Salvation won for us by your Son!!

(Deliver us Lord from every evil,
Graciously grant peace in our days, that, by the help of your mercy,
We may always be free from sin
and safe from all distress,
As we await the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.)
Life is not easy, Lord. It is a daily battle. Trials like sickness and failure can crush our spirits. False values and easy promises can entice us and even destroy our souls. And so we ask You to keep us from failing when we are tested, to help us to know the right thing to do, to deliver us from the evil which awaits us in life. Only thus may we know sinlessness, peace, and safety under the Evil One's attacks.

For the kingdom,
and the power and the glory are yours
Now and forever.
We, without you, are nothing; you are All. Your Kingdom is real, and our 'reality' is only a shadow which will disappear at the End. But we are confident in God our Father, and able to go bravely through life no matter what comes. When we pray this prayer, Lord, your spirit becomes our own.

Yes, Amen; 'So Be It'. It is true, it is my faith. This is what I believe!