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Born 1647, died 1690. Relatives made family life harsh; home sick 4 years, relatives limited church attendance and Communions, but she dedicated her life to God at age 8. Urged to marry, practiced austerities, decided she was called to be nun, joined Convent of Visitation (humility and selfness), began mortifications.

1673 experienced Presence of Lord, she would know the power of Christ's love and must spread abroad the love of His Heart. More revelations, Superior, priests, and sisters thought her delusioned, repremanded her, collapsed, dying, Superior claimed healing for her and would believe revelations were from God; was healed but they still didn't believe her. Fr Claude dela Columbiere believed her, wrote about her, spread Sacred Heart5 devotion to England.

Suffered many years from depression, humiliations, opposition, and mortifications. New Superior more friendly to her, appointed Margaret Mary as assistant and Novice Mistress, humiliations/opposition died down, was vindicated when her account of revelations read to Community publicly, Became sick, dying - "I need nothing but God, and to lose myself in the heart of Jesus." She was indifferent to her vindication.

The Sacred Heart is regarded as "the symbol of that boundless love which moved the Word to take flesh, to institute the Holy Eucharist, to take our sins upon Himself, and, dying on the Cross, to offer Himself as a victim and sacrifice to the eternal Father."