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Said for greater willingness to love God and for Him to love us:
o We are caught up in sin and can't free ourselves; Jesus freed us at great cost to him, and opened up eternal life for us.
o Jesus offered his life for us in an act of love. We may choose to embrace His love for us, and carry our Cross, or to reject it.
o We are not simply liked and enjoyed; we are deeply, obsessively loved! Look with fresh eyes at the price he paid for us.
o We have become deadened to the meaning of real love. Love gives. It is not self-seeking. It cannot keep anything for itself.
o I want the kind of love for Christ that is oblivious to everything but Him. The more I attend to him, the more that love will grow.
o The heart in love with Jesus has no room for compromise or deception, since it only desires more of Jesus.
o How do we fall in love with a God we cannot see? How can our love be so strong that it impacts the world around us?
o All our waking thoughts, our unconscious/subconscious soul life should be filled with God and his sacrifice for us.
o Ask Blessed Mother to show us about her Son, and who he is, so we can begin to "see" him and love him.
o Real love is valuing the things of the next world infinitely more than the things of this world, and heartfelt prayer to God.

My Jesus, from all eternity you were pleased to give yourself to us in love. And you planted within us a deep spiritual desire that can only be satisfied by yourself. I may go from here to the other end of the world, from one country to another, from riches to greater riches, from pleasure to pleasure, and still I shall not be content. All the world cannot satisfy the immortal soul. It would be like trying to feed a starving man with a single grain of wheat. We can only be satisfied by setting our hearts, imperfect as they are, on you. We are made to love you; you created us as your lovers. It sometimes happens that the more we know a neighbor, the less we love him. But with you it is quite the opposite. The more we know you, the more we love you. Knowledge of you kindles such a fire in our souls that we have no energy left for worldly desires. My Jesus, how good it is to love you. Let me be like your disciples on Mount Tabor, seeing nothing else but you. Let us be like two bosom friends, neither of whom can ever bear to offend the other.

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