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Shorter_Examination AdultGuide Guide&Helps 12MonthExamen

o 12-MonthExamination: Extremely detailed, venial/mortal sins and helps, takes one year to complete.
o VeryDetailedExamination: Additional questions for meditation.


The Commandments of God
1) I am the Lord your God. You shall not have strange gods before me. Have I

doubted in matters of faith? murmured against God because of adversity? despaired of
His mercy? Have I believed in or consulted fortune tellers? Have I taken part in non-Catholic
worship? Have I entrusted myself regularly to God? Neglected my morning or evening
prayers? Omitted my religious obligations because of human respect? Presumed upon God's
mercy in committing sin?
Have I read books or papers opposed to the Church and her teachings? Did I make use of
superstitious practices; such as believing in dreams, and charms, and the like? Have I spoken
irreverently of persons (priests or religious), places (e.g, the Church), or things (the sacred
vessels) which especially represent God?
2) You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. Have I used the name of
God or the saints with irreverence? Have I sworn (which means calling upon God to witness the
truth of what I say) without a good reason, or falsely? Have I cursed (the calling down of some
evil on a person, place, or thing)? Blasphemed (used insulting language to express contempt for
God, the saints, or holy things)?
3) Remember to keep holy the Lord´s Day. Did I miss Mass on Sunday or a Holy Day of
Obligation? Have I done unnecessary servile work or been responsible for others doing it on
these days?
4) Honor your father and your mother. Have I been obedient to my parents and lawful
superiors? Have I shown disrespect toward their God-given authority? Have I deceived them?
Have I been a good citizen by voting? Have I shown respect toward aged parents? Have I used
my authority over inferiors properly? As a parent, by good example in the home and by sending
the children to a Catholic school? As a person in public office, by promoting the common
welfare? As an employer, by being considerate of the employees? Have I honored my employer
or anyone in authority over me, even as a volunteer, and carried out my obligations to that person
and that work? Have I honored, obeyed, and prayed for those in civil authority over me?
5) You shall not kill. Have I been the occasion of another's sin through my bad example in word
or deed? Have I been guilty of fighting, anger, hatred, revenge, or drunkenness? Did I refuse to
speak to others? to forgive them? Did I use provoking language?
6) and 9). You shall not commit adultery. You shall not desire your neighbor´s wife.
Did I take pleasure in impure thoughts or desires? Say impure things? Listen to impure
conversations? Did I touch others or let others touch me in an impure manner? commit an
impure act alone or with others? want to look at impure things or pictures? go to bad places?
movies that were bad? read bad books? go with impure companions? teach others to commit
sins of impurity?
7) and 10). You shall not steal. You shall not desire your neighbor´s goods. Have I
stolen anything? If so, of what value, and did I return the stolen goods? Have I been unjust in
buying or selling? Have I damaged the property of others? accepted or kept stolen goods? paid
my just debts as soon as possible? Has my daily work merited its pay check? Have I desired to
steal anything or to damage my neighbor's property? (Laziness?)
8) You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Did I tell lies? Have I been
guilty of rash judgment (believing something harmful to another's character without sufficient
reason)? detraction (without a good reason, making known the hidden faults of another)?
calumny (by lying, injuring the good name of another)?

The Precepts of the Church
1) Have I confessed my sins once a year? If not, how long is it since my last worthy confession?

Have I received Holy Communion during Easter time?
2) Have I fasted according to my ability when obliged to do so by the Church?
3) Have I abstained from flesh-meat on the appointed days?
3) Have I contributed as well as I can to the support of the Church?
4) Have I attempted to contract marriage without the presence of a priest?
5) Is there anything else of which my conscience feels guilty?

Sins Against the Holy Spirit
1) Presuming to gain salvation without meriting it.
2) Despairing of salvation.
3) Resisting truths which have been made known to us.
4) Envy of another's spiritual good.
5) Stubbornness in sin.
6) Final obstinacy in one's sins.

Seven Deadly Sins
1) Pride: An unrestrained appreciation of our own worth.
2) Avarice or Greed: An immoderate desire for earthly goods.
3) Lust: A hankering after impure pleasures.
4) Anger: An inordinate desire for revenge.
5) Gluttony: An unrestrained use of food and drink.
6) Envy: Sorrow over the good fortune of our neighbor.
7) Sloth: Laziness to do right, or carelessness to do right and to practice virtue because of the

trouble attached to it.

Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance
1) Willful murder
2) Sodomy
3) Oppression of the poor
4) Cheating laborers of their just wages

Nine Ways of Aiding Another in Sin
1) Counseling or advising another to sin.
2) Commanding another to sin.
3) Provoking another to sin.
4) Consenting to another's sin.
5) Showing another how to sin.
6) Praising another's sin.
7) Concealing, remaining silent about, doing nothing to prevent another's sin.
8) Taking part in, or enjoying the results of another's sin.
9) Defending another's sin.