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To be said for grace to handle anger with God and bad things which occur.
o Bad things, and anger with God = choice: deny faith, go lukewarm, reaffirm faith in new way.
o Distinguish between ange, and decision to act hatefully. Anger not sin, action is.
o Admit anger, don't deny. Honesty is opportunity to grow in faith, denial harms faith. Talk to God.
o Feelings are real, are neither bad nor good, are not cause for guilt (only actions).
o Bad things force us to clarify what we believe and why, see how God redeems the bad things.
o Suffering simplifies faith, generates a more child-like faith, shows that every moment is sacred.
o Bad things occur with God's permission, not his will (see Job). Cause may be Satan or people.
o Prayer need not always be peaceful; pray also in anger and listen to what God says about it.
o Don't inflict personal anger or bad things unnecessarily on others. Remember God's mercy.
o Live honestly with anger, change it into compassion for others in same situation.
Glory be, Oh my Jesus.

Oh my Jesus, I offer this for love of Thee, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Dear Lord, Help me to remember in these troubled times the cross you carried for my sake, so that I may better carry mine and help others do the same. I offer up (insert your concern or problem here) to you for the conversion of sinners, for the forgiveness of sins, in reparation for sins, and for the salvation of souls. Amen