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Android version ported to run on Intel/AMD x86 devices such as netbooks and laptops. Might require Google account for full use? Google apps/market; other android apps/markets? Youtube/music out of box. Partition first on install.

Reviewer (Ver 4.4RC1): In VBox, would only boot into ntfs or fat32. On machine, audio/wifi no work. Screen may suddenly turn sideways (lock screen rotation). Resolution built for netbooks. As release candidate, apps were crashy, other things flaky, unstable.

Reviewer (Ver 4.0) felt Google had done good job on security. But it doesn't want more than one thing in focus at a time - no multitasking; not enough cpu to do more than one thing at a time. Many advertisements.

Ver 4.4r1 Stable (Aug 2014) (DW_Release)
Ver 4.4RC1 (Feb 2014): (DW_Release) (DirectDownload) (Review) (DW_Review)

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