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This records a vision given to me on Sunday, 19 January, 2014, and my reactions to it.


Often Christians are asked the question, "Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?"

Today (Sunday, during Mass) as I meditated on this question, Blessed Mother showed me a vision of Herself and Her Son:

Jesus was in shadows, with only His feet illuminated, and they had bloody holes in them (not the neat holes with a few drops of blood as shown in paintings of Jesus, but great gaping torn holes with caked blood spilled out all over); the rest of His figure was obscured in the shadows, but I could faintly see that He had His arms out toward me. Mary stood beside Jesus, a few feet away on His right. She was also hidden in shadows, but only from Her neck up; Her left hand pointed toward Jesus and Her right arm was extended toward me.

I guess, from the vision, I can't claim to know Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. I know some things ABOUT Him from homilies I've heard, classes I've attended, and books I've read, but I don't know Him above His feet. The only encouragement I can gather from that portion of the vision is that, at least, I do know His feet; years back, I probably did not know that much.

Blessed Mother's portion of the vision, though, gives me much more encouragement. It seems She is saying: "He loves you very much and wants you to come to Him, and I, His Mother, whom He loves so dearly, will lead you there, and will interceed for you, and I will advise and encourage you along the way".

I'm guessing, but it seems I don't have any fear of Mary, like I do of Jesus (yes, I shouldn't fear Him but I do; He is my Brother, but also my Judge, and I know how guilty I am). Therefore, She is illuminated almost entirely, but He is not - and I can relate to Her and follow Her more easily at this point than Jesus Himself, because She is my Mother rather than my judge, and mothers do NOT condemn. However, She will help me out of that fear as quickly as She is able. After that, she will be able to lead me to her Son.

So, regarding the question about knowing Jesus in a personal way, in my limitations and fears I don't HAVE to know Jesus personally (yet); His Mother (my Mother also) will lead me to Him gradually as I'm able, and gradually He will become more and more illuminated for me. And from the things I know ABOUT Him, I know that He is pure love - and that is what I will see and imitate as He is revealed to me more and more.