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Index catholic Confession ExaminationOfConscience Rosary

Source: http://www.catholicculture.org/culture/library/view.cfm?id=3635&CFID=54105667&CFTOKEN=47307075

This examination of conscience is very detailed, considers both venial and mortal sins, and offers helps and direction... The object of this [presentation] is to initiate lay people into the practice of concentrating their efforts at self-perfection on one virtue a month. It provides a fairly complete list of mortal sins to be avoided, of venial sins to be corrected, and of helps and counsels that may be practiced. For each month a short explanation of the virtue to be practiced is given, an aspiration is suggested for frequent use, and a prayer is added containing sorrow for the past and resolve for the future......

A warning should be given to souls who are inclined to scrupulosity. Such souls are frequently disturbed by reading lists of sins, because they erroneously think themselves guilty, where they are not guilty at all. They should have permission of their confessor before they undertake to make a minute examination of conscience, and in every doubt must obey their confessor blindly. [In any case], in prudent doubt, a confessor should be asked for a solution.

It is recommended that [at least] once a week during each month, the examen for that month be read carefully and thoughtfully. On some occasions this would be best done before confession. The ejaculatory prayer of the month should be said frequently every day.

Comment: The value of this examination seems to be in its deeper consideration of the factors which determine whether something is a sin and, if yes, whether it is venial or mortal and what to do about it. It also reveals the sinful natures of many things modern men don't even think of as sins.

Personally, rather than using it as a monthly examination, I use whichever month's virtue is most lacking in me at this moment.

Note: Venial sins are listed as 'minor' sins; however, venial sins left un-confessed and uncorrected make a person used to sin and, therefore, lead the person directly to mortal sins. Venial sins are NOT unimportant!

The Examen, then, is divided into 12 monthly sections, and each section concentrates on a particular virtue.:

January-Faith || February-Hope || March-Love Of God || April-Reverance For God | | May-Love Of Neighbor-(Positive Obligations) || June-Love Of Neighbor (Negative Obligations) || July-Justice | | August-Chastity || September-Temperance || October-Obedience || November-Meekness || December-Humility